Your bid is a legally biding contract. Wymers Auction is not responsible for any software glitches that may occur and we do not guarantee any level of performance of this website. We will accept returns only if the item or items are different than stated in the ad and this will be at our discretion. We do not cancel bids so please bid carefully. If you were to make a bidding error meaning adding an extra zero or the like please contact us immediately.

Wymers Auction extends the right to sell our items on multible platforms (Wymers Auction, Ebay, Proxibid, Auctionzip Live, or a live bidding crowd). Your highest bid will be bid in competitively meaning there has to be a competing bid to push your bid to the next increment. We will never start any item with your high bid unless it is the same as our established minimum bid for the lot as posted on the site. We do not bid on any items on our site whatsoever. We can place bids for you if requested on large numbers of multiple lots to save you time. We do not bid on the behalf of a consignor ever. While we try to avoid reserves we have the right to sell any item at any time with a reserve and have the right to withdraw items as needed. We do not in any way claim to be an absolute auction. However, it is our intention to sell our items absolutely. We only sell graded items through majorly accepted companies. We do not provide any certificates of authenticity in our name as we are not professional graders.

If there is a discrepantcy in your order please contact us within 10 days of the items arrival. Wymers Auction is also not responsible for any damages that occur during shipping, but upon request we will add insurance to your order.

In the event of a live sale sold means sold there will be no contested bids or reopened bids. 

Payment terms are as follows payment must be made within 14 days of the auction closing. Payments accepted are Paypal payable to, check, or money order. If not received by then items will either be returned to our inventory or given back to the consignor. Please understand that your delay in payment also delays our consignor payment. We reserve the right to ban any bidder for non-payment and will certainly do so. Returned checks will incure an additional $35 fee.

 There is a 10% Buyers premium added to all purchases.